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Image from web page 54 of “Historical notes : Public Library of New Southern Wales” (1911)
annual credit report
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Identifier: historicalnotesp00bladrich
Title: Historical records : Public Library of New Southern Wales
Year: 1911 (1910s)
Writers: Bladen, F. M. (Frank Murcot)
Subjects: Public Library of New South Wales
Publisher: Sydney, Gullick
Contributing Library: University of California Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: MSN

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Department;in here thirty days I joined the staff of the Librar, taking with me themanuscripts and documents utilized in the collection of Hiskwical registers ofNew SoufJi Wales. Within their third annual report, dated 9th February, 1874, the Trustees made allusion towards the concern of estab- lishing a Lending Branch. They pointedout, but that through to the Library washoused in a more ideal and com-modious building, this expansion of itsfunctions, nevertheless desirable was quiteimpracticable. They favoured the erec-tion of a building nearer the center of thecity, to be utilized as a Reference Library,and the utilisation regarding the old building atthe part of Bent and Macquarie streetsas a Lending department. To John Stewart, M.L.C., Trustee, is due the credit of first advocating the advisability of equipping a Lending Branch ; he proposed that a building, or areas, should always be hired within the town w. A. duncan. r-. , 1 Trustee, 1870-85. (Market-Street or rark-street had been known as President, 1883-5. f .3—-

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46 THE FOUNDATION AND GROWTH OF by him as most appropriate), and that about 5,000 amounts of standardworks must be procured from England. The problem was talked about atseveral meetings of this Trustees, last but not least, in March, 1876, an order wassent to England for 2,000 amounts at a high price around ^S^o. Wlien the proposition to establish this branch was being discussed, it wassubject to considerable resistance on the floor it would attractreaders from much more serious literature into the Reference Librarv. It was found, regarding the con-mation of a Lend-though carried oning, considerably stimu-in the understanding The Branchbasement for the oldon 31st July, 1877.months 10,968 ol-1,225 consumers,which the Branchfirst, had been fromThe time ended up being e-arv, 1880, to fromThis alteration wasable towards the working-unable, under theto avail themselvesof the advantaiies

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Image from page 342 of “Journal associated with the Medical Society of brand new Jersey” (1920)
annual credit file
Image by Web Archive Book Images
Identifier: journalofmedical1719medi
Title: Journal of healthcare community of brand new Jersey
12 Months: 1920 (1920s)
Authors: Medical Society of the latest Jersey Medical Society of the latest Jersey. Deals associated with health community of brand new Jersey Medical Society of brand new Jersey. Official listing of fellows and members Medical Community of New Jersey. Annual report
Subjects: Medicine Socieites, Medical Tuberculosis
Publisher: Lawrenceville, N.J. [etc.] : Healthcare Community of the latest Jersey
Contributing Library: The University of Physicians of Philadelphia Historical Health Library
Digitizing Sponsor: The College of Physicians of Philadelphia while the National Endowment the Humanities

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rease in 1920: Mealses i 43 whooping-cough 1 29 Diphtheria 34 36 Meningitis 13 22 Lobar-pneumonia 342 354 Broncho-pneumonia 157 240 Brights conditions 272 276 natural cardiovascular illnesses 2 79 298 Congenital debility and malform. .176 217 Diseases reported: Influenza 4,048 9,270 Diphtheria 917 517 Lobar-pneumonia 1,205 1,697 Broncho-pneumonia 924 1,404 Progress in wellness Perform.—Towns, places andstates are starting to comprehend the cheap-est form 01 medical health insurance might obtainedfrom well organized and effectively operatedhealth departments. The need for trainedpublic wellness employees has grown therefore rapidlythat it today greatly exceeds the offer. Thecall for public health nurses alone is so greatthat many years must elapse before enoughwomen are been trained in the job to supplythe communities now phoning for the essentialservice which only a public wellness nurse canfurnish.—Connecticut Wellness Bull. 333 Journal regarding the Medical community of New jersey Published onthe first-day each and every Month

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Underneath the Directionof the Committee on Publication Vol. XVII, No. 10 TANGERINE, N. J., OCT.. 1920 Subscription, .00 per YearSingle Copies. 25 Dollars ARTHROPLASTY — A SECURE, SANEAND PRACTICAL SURGICALPROCEDURE* By George H. Sexsmith, M.D., F.A.CJ5., Bayonne, N. J. The arthroplastic operation, especiallyas applied to the large and weight-bearingjoints, such as the knee and hip, are at thepresent amount of time in bad repute, and therefore suchjoints may be effectively reproducedgiving permanent, durable, painless,properly functionating joints, and in theknee, that’ll stay the test for the plumbline, is hardly credited. The bad reputeof this particular operation as above re-ferred to arrives in a sizable level to theimproper choice and planning of aninterposing material involving the boneends entering into the forming of thereproduced bones. The arthroplastic operation within the re-production of big and smalljoints is really as safe, sane and useful anoperation as it is usually the one carried out for un-

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